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Through Cronapp it is possible to develop a complete virtual assistant for your institution.

From all possible uses of AI currently available, companies are using it mostly to improve their Customer support with conversation interfaces and chatbots. We all prefer interacting with other humans in a casual manner, but we also want an easy, instant and convenient answer whenever we need it. Chatbots can offer the ‘human’ easy going approach, but at the convenience of your customers.

Some of the most common cases of chatbot uses include:

  • Offering the first line of customer support: instead of having individuals answering very specific needs, companies are using chatbot’s technology infused with AI to satisfy the most common questions of their users and, by doing so, reducing traffic to other support channels.
  • Client involvement: Customers want an intuitive, immediate experience; They don't want to have to fill forms and long solicitations for simple information. With Chatbots, you can give your customers feedback in a very simple, laid back way.
  • Employees support: Much of the information your staff need to perform their jobs can be collected and stored by a set of questions and answers. Chatbots can help customers to feed this information way more efficiently, with an interface in which they can consult and ask questions in an organic way.

The issue is that conversation interfaces are even harder to implement efficiently, especially when dealing with sensitive data. Normally, in order to do that one needs to find highly qualified and experienced developers, that are, not only expensive, but hard to come by.

That is where Cronapp can help.

In order to help companies to conquer the challenges of building chatbots and improve their customer support, Cronapp has in its marketplace integration with the best AI suits available on the market such as IBM Watson.

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