Among the many application development possibilities, we present the dashboard focused on the education sector, also developed through our platform.

A Dashboard is a visual panel composed of a set of information such as indicators and metrics that help on decision making, since it can show very easily the financial health of a company in a single screen, both to the manager and for the team.

With this application it is possible to obtain a general view of the business, as well as to visualize data concerning specific project.

On the above video you can check a dashboard tailored for the education sector, developed on Cronapp. The system shows graphs that point the rates of tuition default and evasion, student in coming, financial health among many others.

Cronapp allows the development of complete and efficient dashboards, in half the time and with reduced team through the use of low-code technology.

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O Cronapp has Business Process Management (BPM).

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Web Software

Develop complete web software with cronapp’s low-code functionalities.

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On Cronapp it is also possible to develop a complete virtual assistant for education institutions!

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