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Speed up your projects, develop, test and distribute in cloud your software all in a single complete platform

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Gain more productivity on the development of your projects

Cronnap uses pre-configured programmation blocks, that allow the creation of apps and systems combining both development methods, Low-code and high-code.

Save hours of development increasing your productivity

Programmation blocks and ‘drag and drop’ make development easy, reducing codification needs and boosting productivity.

Fast development

With personalisable preconfigured templates, visual modeling and automatic code generation the development time is optimized and the learning curve drastically reduced.

Building mobile apps

Complete environment for mobile development, In it is way more easy to create responsive projects using simulation resources on diverse gadgets.

Scripting freedom

You choose how, and what languages you want to program with. On Low-code Mode you can count on visual programming via blocks. On High-code mode, you can choose from your available favorite programming languages: Java, Python, Node etc.

Business Process Management - BPM

BPM is an adaptable management format, developed to organize and facilitate complex organizational demands. It makes for continued management and control methods improvement, by allowing more transparency in all activity stages, better management control, increasing in productivity, cost reduction, processes automation and evidence generation.

Develop your project on
Low-code or High-code mode

Real time tests

Cronapp uses cloud development and does not require a high performance PC to be used.

Publish your projects in one click

Publish finalized projects or beta versions easily.

Data diagramation

Don’t waste time with software configuration. On Cronapp you only need access to a web browser and to start programming.

Development for mobile

Create apps for iOS and android and test your project in real time on the most diverse screen sizes.

Ready components

Develop apps using the reutilization of low-code or high-code components concept.

Programing blocks

More focus on logic and less on language. Standardize and design blocks to optimize development.

Why choose Cronnap?

This tool offers, natively, the best software development and system design practices. Check Cronapp differentials in relation to other platforms

Other platforms
Low-code development
Drag and Drop
Visual programing
Fast creation of apps
No lock-in
Possibility of visualizing and editing the actual code
Different programing languages available
Valid license for a variety of projects

Cronapp uses open source technologies

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